i-Trax Support

No matter the issue, we have a support option for you.

Whether you are having issues logging in, checking your webmail, finding files or photos, creating reports, or just plain don't understand what you should be doing - we have 3 options for i-Trax Support.

  1. Check Out Our Online Knowledge Base
    Browse our online library of i-Trax manuals to find the answer to your question.
    Ideal for general issues, such as how to input mitigation information.
  2. Open A New Support Ticket We Can Respond To
    With your i-Trax account, you may open a support ticket we can address within 24 hours.
    Ideal for questions you cannot find the answers to in the i-Trax Knowledge Base.
  3. Fill Out Our Contact Form
    This is our most direct method of communication, we will generally reply within 24 hours.
    Ideal for unique issues, such as i-Trax error messages.